Player Profile: Andy “Chunk” Cusworth

We have the big man Andy “Chunk” Cusworth for our player profile today, Andy was sadly injured last season but is going to be back overseeing sponsorship and media for the Caesars in 2016.

What is your name? Andy Cusworth (aka Chunk)

When and why did you start playing? After travelling around America and watching all the playoff games in bars, culminating in the Steelers v Seahawks Super Bowl in Feb 2006 (when I was in Vegas!) I got properly into watching the game. That Autumn an old friend said he wanted to try out, but didn’t want to go by himself and that the Caesars were looking for guys my size. So I went along, met Jay Schroeder, loved it most importantly I stuck with it.

What is your number and why did you pick it? 78 …. Year I was born

What position do you play and why? My first 2 seasons were at right guard on the shoulder of our legendary centre Adam Burnett. 2009 I was getting married and would miss the opening game cos of my honeymoon, so took a step back as it was better to have a game 1 starting o-line practice together (and I didn’t want any breakages before the big day). They won whilst I was away and kept the starting 5 together, so I got thrown in at defensive tackle, having never had any training. I found I could boss the interior line quite well and discovered my new favourite position. In later years I played all the other 4 o-line positions for at least a game. (Can anyone else snap a ball?!)

Which NFL team do you support and why? Baltimore Ravens! My favourite band is Aerosmith, I heard they were playing the half time show at the super bowl in 2001. So I got home from work (I ran a bar), flicked the preamble on and saw the Ravens were a pretty new team, who against the odds had made it to the super bowl (watch the America’s game episode and you’ll see), were in form but still underdogs, and most importantly wore my favourite colour combo of black and purple! They’ve been my team ever since. (And they won!)

Favourite pump up song?
Thunderstruck – AC/DC
Renegades of Funk – Rage against the machine
Glass Shatters – Disturbed (the old Stone Cold Steve Austin entrance music!)

Biggest achievement as a Caesar? You don’t tend to get many awards or rewards playing in the trenches apart from personal pride that you’ve beaten up on your opposite number and done your job. I used to count how many different players lined up opposite me and take it as a good sign I was doing something right if there were more than 3 (my personal record was 11 and I think at least half of those didn’t finish the game!)
Somehow I managed to win the Defensive Player of the Year Award in a very successful 2012 season, in which we had a winning record and an appearance in the Div 1 playoffs. I had 2 fumble recoveries in a game at Merseyside, another on our own 15 yard line, in the last 30 seconds of a tight game where Doncaster needed a TD to win and I think one other at some point in the year. There were a lot of standout performances that year. 2 d-linemen recovered fumbles for a TD in the same game. Our linebackers enjoyed lots of tackles and sacks including Walkingshaw and Wilkins in his first year. So I’m still shocked lol

What does the 2016 season have in store for you? Sadly I dislocated my right knee in July (after I also hyperextended ligaments in my left knee in May) which has forced me to take an earlier than planned retirement from playing. Keen to keep me involved, Barry has extended my duties from the last few seasons of looking after social events for the team and the Facebook page, to now also incorporate overseeing sponsorships and all media.
So I’m relishing a new challenge for the coming season. Our media and sponsorship teams are working hard behind the scenes this off season to hopefully make 2016 a successful campaign on and off the field.
We’ve had an unprecedented response to our pre-Christmas rookie sessions, with around 100 people attending the first camp.

We’ve also resigned our sponsor, friend and queen of burgers, Annie from Annie’s Burger Shack as a sponsor for next year!

We have the amazing prospect of streaming all of our home games live on our very own Caesars TV channel on YouTube! So we are actively seeking sponsors of all kinds to get involved with the Caesars, be it through kit and / or TV advertising in what is shaping up to be an exciting year to be involved with the Nottingham Caesars!

(If anyone would like to sponsor us in any way or knows someone who might please get in touch and we will follow it up!)