Player Profile: Jason Robinson

Today we have Jason Robison, a running back you do not want to meet on the field!

What is your name? Jason Robinson

When did you start playing and why? I started playing for the Derby Braves in 2007, playing a total of 5 seasons whilst at university. Finishing university, I started playing for the Caesars and have been with them for 3 seasons now. I have always been intrigued about the sport, coming from a Rugby background at school and college. University finally gave me the chance to try the sport which I grew to love!

Which number do you play in and why? 27 – Quite simply it was a number that was available when I joined the Ceasars! I have never been one for keeping a consistent playing number in my years of playing American Football.

What position do you play and why? I now play running back, however I started playing as a defensive back at university. After a good few years of attending the gym (which greatly improved my performance as a player) I decided to switch positions. A decision I do not regret at all as I love playing running back!

What is your favourite NFL team and why? I’ve got to admit, I’m not a massive sports watcher/follower. However, my chosen team would be the Saints because I like their kit.

Favorite pump up song? Knife Party – LRAD

Biggest Achievement as a Caesar? It has to be my second season with the Caesars where I won 3 offensive MVPs, Running back of the season and Offensive player of the season!

If you are brave enough to challenge Jason on the field, come down to our first training session of the 2016 on Sunday 10th January at 10am!