Player Profile: Adam Wilson

The Nottingham Caesars sit in second place in the MFC1 with a 3-1 record, so what better way to celebrate than a new player profile! Meet rookie cornerback, Adam Wilson.

When did you start playing and why? This is my first season playing, but I first got into American Football in my first year of university. At that point I was nothing but skin and bone and could never see myself playing. I grew to love the sport, so made it a goal to play a snap of American football so got in gym towards end of my second year and started training to put me in a position to compete. Now that’s accomplished all I want to do is become stronger, faster and play ball everyday!

Which number do you play in and why? 32. After 2 of my favourite DB’s Devin McCourty and Tyrann Mathieu. Both not the biggest of guys but both work extremely hard and make big plays.

What position do you play and why? Cornerback. Always loved playing in defense as a kid in football and reading how the attack was going to develop. Plus I have had many dreams of laying a guy clean out in the perfect hit, got to make that happen.

What is your favourite NFL team and why? Universally hated for this… New England Patriots! Without knowing anything about the sport and looking to pick a team to support. There was a documentary on sky of the 2001 Patriots, seeing all the adversity they went through that season to pull together and win it all was incredible to see.

Favourite pump up song? Eminem – Beast

How have you found being a Rookie with the Caesars? The amount of support you receive from senior players and coaching staff as a rookie is phenomenal, there isn’t a sport or team like it. Everyone is here to better each other not just themselves. I could not be more grateful to all the senior players for their support and hard work they have put in helping me personally get to where I am, be nowhere without those guys.

Biggest Achievement as a Caesar so far? Being told I would start in what would be my first game and our first game of the season. Extremely honoured by the faith the coaching staff had in me. Then thought, right… Time to go to work!

The Caesars travel to the Birmingham Bulls on the 15th of May looking to continue their season with another win.