The Caesars started their 2017 campaign with a hard earned 20-13 victory @ the Coventry Jets.

In conditions that you would expect at the height of summer the Big Cee impressed both on offense and defense.

We caught up with Defensive Captain Ashley “Bash” Matthews to gain his thoughts on Sunday’s game.


“Great hard fought clash against a quality opposition. New Defensive Co-ordinator Grant Lawless had put together a great game plan and we were able to execute it almost perfectly. There was the obvious first game rust which saw us give up the two scores – both on broken plays but I thought the whole defence played outstanding . We forced five three and outs and had a blocked extra point courtesy of Kieran Matthews that nearly proved to be the game winner, however the offence made it more comfortable for us at the end thanks to the late score.”


Deivydas Merkelis continued where he finshed off last season by scoring the first touchdown of the 2017 season and also made other big plays to help the Big Cee record an opening day victory.

Deivydas spent time to reflect on the opening day victory.

“Going into the game versus Coventry, I was excited to see what we were up against, and more importantly what our team was capable of against a tough opposition. With it being our season opener and a road game at that, I had realistic expectations, meaning a close game.

After a so and so first drive, we kicked into a higher gear and scored on the second drive. Our offence managed to find the endzone once more, early in the second quarter. With a two score lead we

took our foot off the pedal and soon found ourselves leading by a single score before heading into the half.

Once the game resumed, neither team budged defensively, both offences began to struggle. It felt like things were out of sync, then toward the end of the third the Jets scored on a broken coverage and closed the gap to a 1 point game.

Individual players on offence began to step up and made a difference. Several key 4th downs were converted and the reward was another offensive touchdown courtesy of Robbie Jones. The last few minutes were intense, but I had trust in our defence as they dominated earlier on. Last few plays were broken up or incomplete, the final whistle blew and we had ourselves our first win of 2017 season.”

A well deserved win and a fantastic spring board for the rest of the season. If the Caesars can keep the same hard hitting high tempo up and remove those few mistakes this defence can be one of the best in the division.

Now time to get their heads down, rest up and set our sights on Birmingham. A tough team capable of grinding out the hard yards it already has the team salivating at the chance to test theirselves against a common opponent.

The Caesars now have a break until 30th April when they make the journey to the Birmingham Bulls.