Junior Player Profile: Kiren Brown

With the Junior’s season about to get underway, we start off our Junior Player Profiles with second year player and first year captain, Kiren Brown.

When did you start playing and what got you into the sport? I began training in 2015 and the first time I was fully enthralled at the sport was Super Bowl 49. Watching Seattle body Denver so comfortably made me finalise my decision to fully get into the sport and learn the rules.

Where are you from? Delightful town of Mansfield (Remarkably, I have no additional limbs).

Which number do you play in? 8. In the footsteps of my boy, Mariota.

What position do you play?  QB/FB/TE/Water Boy (preferred position) EDITORS NOTE: Goes by ‘Universal Baller’.

Any good nicknames? KB (KB1) due to a delightful melody about my mother. She most certainly doesn’t have it going on, boys.

What is your favorite NFL team? Tennessee Titans, on the come up that’s all I’m saying.

Most important swag item for gamedays? Has to be the unnecessary helmet stickers, they do the most. #PlanLikeDan but we’re not talking Johnson.

Favorite pump up song? You Wanna See by Migos.

Best play you have ever made? One handed Touchdown against Lincolnshire this season. Saving my QB from an imminent pick.

Biggest Achievement as a Caesar? Has to be reaching the Final, even though we took the L – still meant so much as a rookie.