Junior Player Profile: Morgan Dodson

After his strong start to 2017 against the Bombers, we turn our attention to Morgan Dodson. Morgan has built upon a strong rookie campaign, and has been rewarded with defensive captaincy for the upcoming season.

When did you start playing and what got you into the sport? I first got into American football in January last year, after noticing one of my old friends from school played the sport. This then inspired me to go down to the first session during preseason last year to try the sport out as I liked the look of it and haven’t looked back since.

Where are you from? I am from Basford in Nottingham.

Which number do you play in? My number for this season is either 30 or 5 depending on the uniforms we use. I decided to use the number 30 due to the current junior Defensive Coordinator and Caesars Junior legend, Alec Ball who wore it during his time with the team.

What position do you play? I currently play as a Safety and due to the way 9 a side works I play both roles as a Free or a Strong Safety depending on the play call. I have fallen in love with this position due to my hard-hitting play style and ability in run support. I have also had experience as a Cornerback and Linebacker during my first year at the team. However, I was often played in the Inside Linebacker role due to my ability to cover quicker opposing Tight Ends and played on the outside when teams didn’t play more than one receiver.

Any good nicknames? Never really had a proper nickname but one that was used a lot last year was ‘Morgshroom’ due to my curly hair being shaped like a mushroom.

What is your favourite NFL team? Don’t particularly have a favourite NFL team however, I do like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as my favourite player, Linebacker Lavonte David, currently plays for them.

Most important swag item for gamedays? My swag item for game days is an arm sleeve however, bicep bands are just as important. But if I had to choose one it would be the arm sleeve. (EDITORS NOTE: We prefer the home-made ‘Bam Bam’ Jersey)

Favourite pump up song? My pump up song for games is DNA by Kendrick Lamar.

Best play you have ever made? My biggest and most important play I have made was last year against the London Blitz. It was a pass deflection in the 4th quarter in which a receiver went deep down field and had me beat however, as he went to catch the ball for an easy touchdown, I jumped backwards and knocked the ball out of his hands for an incompletion. This wasn’t my favourite play, that would have to go to a hit stick tackle I made on special teams vs Lincolnshire.

Biggest Achievement as a Caesar? My biggest achievement would be shutting out the London Blitz, who were arguably the best junior team last year to reach the plate final. Because I played Cornerback that game and didn’t give up a single reception – it made it very special.

The Junior team hope to continue their winning 2017 season against the Manchester Titans on the 21st May @ Harvey Hadden Stadium.