Junior Player Profile: Alex Mclachlan

Entering his 4th and last year for the team, our hard-hitting Fullback is long overdue a profile. Alex has started his last campaign for Juniors strong with a 136 yard performance against Lincolnshire and his key involvement in the ending of the Titan’s two year undefeated streak last weekend.

When did you start playing and what got you into the sport? I started four seasons ago, when I was 15, during Coach Matt Walker’s final season as Head Coach. I got into the sport due to my mate (Tom Henley, our Quarterback) pestering me initially about watching the sport and then playing it, as he wanted someone to come to training with.

Where are you from? I’m from a village outside of Nottingham, called Lambley.

Which number do you play in? #23. Initially I was just given it as an available shirt, but now I love it! I even refused to play in anything other than 2s and 3s for my Uni team (though sadly for them it’s the wrong way around!).

What position do you play? I like to think that I’m a Running Back, but realistically I’m a Fullback, due to my crippling lack of speed. My lack of respect for CTE has also led to me trying out a bit of Middle Linebacker this year. I’ve also played Kick Returner on occasion.

Any good nicknames? Other than choice things that Henley likes to yell in my general vicinity, not really. (EDITORS NOTE: Newly-acclaimed ‘MC23’)

What is your favourite NFL team? San Francisco 49ers. I started off as a glory supporter, but despite their current atrociousness I’m sticking by them.

Most important swag item for gamedays? Tastefully administered eye-black. Not really an item, but that’s all I’m doing this season to differentiate.

Favourite pump up song? Beast (Southpaw Remix) – Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard ft. Busta Rhymes, KXNG Crooked & Tech N9ne

Best play you have ever made? 60 yard Kickoff return against the Birmingham Lions.

Biggest Achievement as a Caesar? Beating the Blitz in the National Plate Semi-Final. Personal achievements are nice, but having a victory like that as a team was really special.

The Juniors look to continue their undefeated 2017 season away to the Romans on June 4th.