Junior Player Profile: Tom Henley

EDITOR’S NOTE: To start this off, I would like to apologise for the number of notes in this particular article. However, in fairness the player in question is *redacted*

When did you start playing and what got you into the sport? 4 years ago, throwing a football was the only thing I was better than my older brother at, and let’s just say I lack the coordination for cricket.

Where are you from? 53.0267° N, 1.0380° W EDITOR’S NOTE: We don’t condone profanity on this website, but this was pretty close.

Which number do you play in? #7, after my idol, Matt Saracen. (Clear eyes, Full hearts, Can’t Lose).

What position do you play? Quarterback, simple reason is I like to whine, shout and not get hit. Shout out to the O- line for keeping me injury free for 4 seasons. Touch wood.
Any good nicknames? Nothing I’m allowed to say in the public domain. Looking for GOAT sometime soon.

What is your favourite NFL team? New England Patriots, I’m a bad person, I accept it, but my nonsensical reasons was the quarterback was called Tom, and we share the same devilish good looks.

Most important swag item for gamedays? I’m a purist, only wear the essentials, considering a towel and gloves for playing in the winter during the BUCS season. The most important factor has to be the colour coordination however. EDITOR’S NOTE: Does not, nor has ever played BUCS football. Decided instead to not take his driving test, or do Economics A-level with his year off.

Favourite pump up song? If I had a gun- Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. (Relaxes me before a game, enables me to think with some form of clarity)
Best play you have ever made? 50 yard pooch punt was probably the most memorable, other than that, now other play deserves much mention, just doing our jobs.

Biggest Achievement as a Caesar? Honestly, biggest achievement, commitment to the team and progress. Being on a team that goes from 0-6 to a national final in 3 seasons is no small feat. Maybe see if we can beat it this august though.

On Sunday, the Juniors travel to Chester to face the Romans. The game kicks off at 12:00 – Be sure to check Scorestream for live updates!