Junior Player Profile: Jack Jamieson

When did you start playing and what got you into the sport? I started playing in 2014 for the Leicester Falcons Youth where we went 10-2 in my first year, then I moved up to Junior, but unfortunately folded in 2016. Then I made the move to the C with Jacob Brown introducing me to everyone. Couldn’t have been made more welcome. My man Adrian Peterson got me into it, watching highlights of him breaking ankles for the Vikings.

Where are you from? I’m from Shepshed (Loughborough), Leicestershire. 18 years and counting.

Which number do you play in? I play in number 22, following in the footsteps of Harrison Smith.

What position do you play? I play Outside Linebacker and Defensive Back. Prefer OLB for the hits, but I’ve realised you can get just as many playing as a DB!

Any good nicknames? Never really had a nickname, although Lanky Larry has seemed to have stuck so far. Preferably, I reckon Whiskey would be a good shout. Like the Jameson. Or the Jack.

What is your favourite NFL team? Favourite NFL team has to be the Vikings, they’re just so clean with it. Harrison Hitman Smith is a favourite player; so much tenacity when he plays.

Most important swag item for gamedays? Towel. Looks cool and it’s probably the only useful item that falls under the swag category.

Favourite pump up song? At the minute I think either Six Paths by Dave or T-Shirt by Migos would be my favourite pump up song. Both lyrically blessed and the flow on them both is too colddddd. Can’t ever choose a favourite song, there’s too many to pick!

Best play you have ever made? Personally I think my highlight play would be, from what others have told me, a “hitstick” like tackle made on one of the Romans’ tough offense. That’s from what I’ve been told though!

Biggest Achievement as a Caesar? I think my biggest achievement in my on-going freshman year as a Caesar would be shutting out the relentless Manchester Titans’ offense. They came at us in a very well drilled manner, but the lads managed to contain them.

The Juniors look to become ‘Kings of the North’ in the Northern Conference Championship against East Kilbride Pirates on the 19th August.