NFC 1 2019 Fixtures

BAFA has released the fixtures for 2019, and we are happy to share them with you so you can plan accordingly:   NFC South 1 At moment Kick off's are scheduled for 2pm 14th of April away to Chester 21st of April away to Sandwell 28th of April home to Chester 5th of May away to Lancashire 26th of May home ... More

Nottingham Caesars travel to face Leicester Falcons

The Nottingham Caesars will travel to Leicester on Sunday to face the Falcons for their second game of the season. Since players are travelling by car, please print off the pass in the image of this post for free parking at venue. The venue address is Leicester Road Stadium, Leicester Road, Hinckley, Leicester, LE10 3DR ... More

The Nottingham Caesars official kit launch

The Nottingham Caesars will be launching their new kit on the 13th of April from 19:30 onwards, with the help of the great staff at Oz Bar Nottingham! We will be presenting our new kit to the players and we'd like to invite all our supporters to join us in launching a new, revamped look inspired by 30 years of football ... More

Training cancelled due to weather conditions

The Nottingham Caesars won't be holding their Sunday practice on the 4/3/2018 due to unsafe conditions on the field. Training should hopefully resume as normal on the following Wednesday.   More

Nottingham Caesars Charity Drive

This year, as well as several past years, the entire Caesars organization led by head coach Barry Boseley will be making their yearly food donation to the Mansfield Road Baptist Church. The church helps deliver food parcels to people in need in Nottingham, and the Caesars organization will be making their donation at ... More

Caesars Game Day 2018 Uniform

Hello to all current players for the Nottingham Caesars, this year we are going to try something new regarding game day and the committee encourages everyone to wear official Caesars player merchandise which can be purchased and customised from this link: Caesars game day uniform Once game day numbers have been assign... More

2018 Rookie Camps

The Nottingham Caesars would like to welcome all new players to our rookie camps. We've held 2 so far and the last one will be at 10.00 am 17/1/2018 at Harvey Hadden Stadium on the 4G pitches. If you're a new player please arrive 30 minutes earlier to go through registration with John Burnett. Also bring footwear suitable ... More

Junior Player Profile: Jack Jamieson

When did you start playing and what got you into the sport? I started playing in 2014 for the Leicester Falcons Youth where we went 10-2 in my first year, then I moved up to Junior, but unfortunately folded in 2016. Then I made the move to the C with Jacob Brown introducing me to everyone. Couldn’t have been made more ... More

Interview with Juniors HC George Lees

Hello Caesars fans, in a bit of great news for the club, The Nottingham Caesars Juniors recently completed their season with a perfect record in the Northern conference and secured play-off football. They sit second in the conference behind East Kilbride Pirates, who also had an undefeated season, and the junior Caesars ... More

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Junior Player Profile: Tom Henley

EDITOR'S NOTE: To start this off, I would like to apologise for the number of notes in this particular article. However, in fairness the player in question is *redacted* When did you start playing and what got you into the sport? 4 years ago, throwing a football was the only thing I was better than my older brother at, ... More