Sr. Recruitment

We are always looking to bolster our squad with both rookies and experienced players.  Although the 2019 season is well underway, it’s never too early to join for 2020, or to make a move if you already have positional experience and are a quick study!

We are also looking for extra coaches and people to help on Game Day.

If you are interested in playing, coaching or helping out on Sundays, get in touch!

If you haven’t played before…

You don’t need to have any previous experience in the sport to join the team – many of the players who join the Caesars have never seen a live game, never mind played in one.

With our dedicated coaching staff, we will provide you with an education in the sport, starting at the basics and building you into a player ready to step onto the field in the National League.

One of the brilliant things about American Football is that there is a place and position for every body shape or size.  The sport utilizes a variety of skills – many of which are transferable from other sports – and unlimited substitutions, so there are lots of opportunities to make a name for yourself

Our rookies are as valuable a part of the team as our most experienced members – almost every player on the Caesars roster who attends training will get some meaningful time on the field during the 2019 season, with many newer players taking key roles in the club’s successes.

We hold taster sessions in every Winter, which will give you the chance to get a feel for the basics of the sport before full training begins in late January.  Just speak to one of the contacts listed below or join the Caesars on Facebook and Twitter if you want any more information

You don’t need to spend all your money on expensive kit to begin with – the club has a large supply of pads and helmets for you to rent once it is time to get involved with full contact drills.  Training costs £2, and all you need for your first training session is a pair of football or rugby boots, a gumshield, plenty of water and – most importantly – a desire to try something new.

…or if you have

We are always looking to enhance our squad with experienced talent, casting our recruiting net far and wide in the search for players to join the Big Cee.  If you have played the sport before at BUAFL or BAFANL level, get in touch and come down to one of our training sessions.

For more information, simply contact our Head Coach, Vanden Warner, or our Team Owner, Barry Boseley..